Beginning Of the Story

         Back in the age, there's living little lonely boy. Most of the time he is stayed inside his house. Ah I mean his parents house. He has not many friend, instead he have bunch of old scrap things at his roof-warehouse. Well, staying inside a house for a long time is not fun at all. So this lil boy is searching the entire house to find something to do.

          Fortunately he find a metal box with a little round button in the center. "What it's? Oh it is made some strange noise too! cool!" He thought while looked the box. For some reason it's satisfing to figured how does it happen?. Some time later, he know it's one of second generation of computer, a computer with Intel Pentium II processor.

          Since then, he is always tinkering about anything, basically anything he can find in his treasure of old scrap things at his roof-warehouse. He like to disassambly and figuring how does it works? An old computer, typing machine, mp3 players, radio, electric motor, camera, photoflash, robots, printer machine, crt-tv, bunch of Computer Mouses, and many other things is had been the victim.

          After some years of disassemble items, he found some interesting things. If something is broken, it's not completely broken! instead, maybe it's only one or some component(s) that is really broken. The other? well it's completely fine! "Yeah we can use this things in this and combined with this components from another item!" .. "Whoa it's worked! cool I can mutilate another components from another scrap junk, haha!"- thought the boy, at the time.

Discharging a capacitor bank
[figure.2 Sparks, Discharging a Capacitor bank tru copper and iron stick, personal documentation. ]

          I can tell one item that I thinks the coolest project the boy had made, As far as I remember it's created when He is at the 4th Grade: A Bedroom Security System, haha it is sound funny, right? But hey, It's triggered by the sound level, and the amazing part is sound of the alarm is a cat 'meowing' several times lol, I can't hold my smile remembering that moments.

          Well that's the beginning of his life in Electricity parts, how about accidents? Nah that's not so many, mostly get shocked by electricity(Direct Current, just once with Alternating Current and hope no more).


          Glad, with the basic of tinkering "How does it works?", the boy is always wondering way it's works about everything in sight. He will research and figuring it till he understand, mostly with something he interested, And he is always trying to implements it in real worlds to make something that can help to save humans energy.

Muktiadi A. Januar, at the year of 2003~2010


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